Drag & Drop Ownership.

Provenanced aims to innovate how IP ownership is claimed within the creative industry.

Why Provenanced?

Theft Deterrent

Provenanced is built to deter bad actors through our innovative “chain of creation,” linking you directly to your work.

Safe & Secure

By using internationally recognised methods of verification, you and only you can upload, access and share your work.

Minimal Cost

Accessibility to Provenanced is our core concern and our pricing, which starts in single digits, reflects that.

Instantly Accessible

Once uploaded, your work it is instantly accessible to download and share securely, with the ability to log all views.

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The current issue

Creatives have little protection from theft; Whether a fashion student sending a portfolio of work, or a freelance writer sending a pitch to a publisher.

Though trademarking, patenting or copywriting are options, they are prohibitive: expensive, require an understanding of filing procedures, possible solicitors and can be a long, arduous process with no guarantee of success.


Meet the team

Our offices

Design District, 4 Appleby Yard, Soames Walk, London, SE10 0BJ

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Where we're located

Situated in the new Design District, London.

We're based at the brand new Design District in London - A magnetic centre of activity with a vibrant and engaged community of designers, makers and creators.

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